Bob's Corolla Wild Horse Tours

817 B Ocean Trail, Hwy 12, Corolla, NC 27927
(252) 453-8602
Name, credit card, and a deposit will be required for all tours.

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If there is rain in the forecast, we ask that you show up unless it is actually raining. Most times the forecast is wrong for the area, and we can still go out and have a great time. Best to call us and check in on the overcast days. If we are unable to rebook your tour, you will be responsible for the bill. We take your reservation seriously, and we expect the same courtesy from you.

The tour times vary seasonally, but we usually will have one tour leaving every hour or so. They usually start at 9 A.M. and go until sunset. We do suggest reservations; our tours tend to fill up.

We have no age restrictions. We do ask that you install a child safety seat for kids that need them.

We suggest a small cooler (six pack) to keep a few drinks in. We also suggest suntan lotion. We have a canvas top, but you will get sun on the trip. Moms, if you need to bring a backpack with munchies for the little ones, that will be O.K. with me :)

This tour is not recommended for you.

Tip your driver as you would a server in restaurant.

If you child is in a car seat they will need it on the tour as well. No lap riders are allowed.

Corolla Wild Horses


Corolla, NC

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