Leading the Way in Corolla Wild Horse Tours Since 1996...

Welcome to Bob’s Corolla Wild Horse Tours, Corolla’s #1 source for family fun since 1996. We offer different guided tours to see the Outer Banks' Wild Horses.


Absolutely Wild Corolla Horse Tour

Our first tour is the absolutely wild horse tour. It’s Wild squared! Join us in one of our trucks for a wild ride to see Corolla’s wild horses. While it’s wild, it’s also perfectly safe – for a view of the Outer Banks wild horses, wildlife and landscape like no other. Your tour guide will regale you with stories of history and fun facts.


Open-Air Corolla Wild Horse Tour

Next is our one-of-a-kind open-air tours, guaranteeing you a ride like no other. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will take you and your family on a two-hour tour in the four-wheel-drive-only beaches of Corolla. Along the way you will be told stories about the history of the Outer Banks, some local lore, interesting facts about the Outer Banks wild horses (hey, did you know that the Corolla Wild Horses are the official State horse?) and, heck, maybe even a pirate tale or two — you just never know with us.

All of our wild horse tours are designed with family enjoyment in mind. Our vehicles seat up to 15 people, are child seat friendly and safe for all ages. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, tours are available seven days a week but are weather dependent. All tours come with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

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